Facultad de Educación y Humanidades de Ceuta


The Practicum forms an integral part of the course content on the various different programmes related to education that are delivered from our Faculty. In addition, its particular characteristics (being external to the university, its unique personalized context, the professional/work dimension, the involvement of different lecturers or tutors, increased workload, and so on) require significant levels of communication and contact among all those involved.

This website therefore aims to offer useful resources, guidance and information to support students, work-based tutors and academic tutors in collaborating effectively, so as to ensure a successful Practicum for all. The site content relates to the Practicum element of the Degrees in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education, and the external placements in the Degree in Social Pedagogy and in the Master’s in Secondary Education. We hope you find it helpful.

This site also provides information on the extra-curricular work placements organised by the Faculty in collaboration with the Ceuta Ministry for Education, Culture and Women, which are aimed at all students of the Ceuta campus (please consult ‘Other placements’ on the menu bar).

Finally, please remember that the content of this section is continually being updated as the information it covers necessarily varies each academic year, depending on the particular qualification, course unit or stage. For any queries please contact Dr. Christian A. Sánchez Núñez ([email protected]), the Vice Dean of External Placements and Relations with Teaching Centres.

Study cannot be measured by the number of pages read in one night, nor by the number of books read in a term. Studying is not about consuming ideas, but rather creating and recreating them” [Paulo Freire, 1921-1997]. The Practicum is a unique opportunity to create and recreate ideas, to learn and innovate in education, to experiment and test, to discover and broaden our knowledge of the profession.